Hate Me Deluxe CD + Album Tee

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Escape The Fate - Hate Me Deluxe CD + Album Tee

14-track CD album (includes 4 bonus tracks), 8 collector's edition Tarot cards (limited time only!) enclosed in a jewel case
Instant grat download of "Just A Memory" upon pre-order
HATE ME album tee

1. Just A Memory
2. Live For Today
3. Remember Every Scar
4. Breaking Me Down
5. Alive
6. Get Up, Get Out
7. Hate Me
8. Les Enfants Terribles (The Terrible Children)
9. I Won't Break
10. Let Me Be
11. Redline
12. End Of The World
13. Just A Memory (Mozaix Remix)
14. Live For Today (Mozaix Remix)

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